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BHETKI 700gm-750g

SEA FISH | WHOLE | BHETKI Wonderfully flavoured and neatly crafted.…

Net wt 700-750gm

Gross 1.2-1.3kg

Rs.1,599.00 Rs.1,399.00

Wonderfully flavoured and neatly crafted. of the popular sea bass is an ideal pairing of delicateness and richness. Lean and succulent, get creative with this versatile fleshy cut. Though mild-flavoured, it is anything but bland as it imparts its. Bhetki has a gentle, mild flavor that makes it appealing for all the seafood lovers in the world. The flesh of the fish is pearly pink in color and it has firm, large flakes and is easy to cook as it is low in fats as compared to its other mates.Vetki is pleasant to cook as it does not give out a strong odor, making it a favorite among people who want to wear the chef’s hat..Procure from Chilka Lake and Sundarban Delta”

No. of Pieces 5-8

Serves 4-6

Gross Wt. 1.2-1.3kg

Net wt. 700-750gm


Hilsa/Ilish Whole (1.6kg – 2.1kg)

Medium sized | with Head & Tail | Illish Considered…

Net wt 1.2kg - 1.3kg

Gross 1.2kg - 1.3kg

Rs.4,299.00 Rs.3,499.00

Medium sized | with Head & Tail | Illish

Considered the supreme fish in every Bengali home, this fish defines grandeur. Taste the authentic flavour of the Eastern fresh waters with this Bengali-style cut pieces of rich and flavourful Hilsa. Be consumed by the buttery texture and palatable oily taste that sets this fish apart and offers it its royalty status among fishes.

No. of Pieces 1 unit


Gross Wt. 1.2kg - 1.3kg

Net wt. 1.2kg - 1.3kg


Mutton Curry Cut (with bone) 1 kg

Bone-In & Boneless | Fat-Rich Your versatile companion for everyday…

Net wt 1kg

Gross 1kg

Rs.1,499.00 Rs.1,199.00

Bone-In & Boneless | Fat-Rich
Your versatile companion for everyday meaty preparations our Classic Goat has a remarkably distinctly rich flavour. Our bone-in & boneless cuts from the neck, shoulders, leg, loin and ribs offer a unique taste to rule your dishes. Rest assured your curries will never be the same again.

No. of Pieces 1kg


Gross Wt. 1kg

Net wt. 1kg

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